Analytics lets you query raw event data in Airlock, across any number of groups within your organization.

Using the query builder


Select the event attributes you want to summarize over.

If there are no aggregations present, raw event data is returned and this selects the columns we want to display.

If there are aggregations in the query, this is effectively a groupby clause.

See here for the list of fields available.


Leave blank if you want a table of raw event data, otherwise the selected function is run over the event attributes selected in Summarize above.

Available functions are:

  • count - count of rows
  • uniq - count of distinct rows
  • avg - mathematical average on a number field
    You can use conditions to filter events from results by field (see here for the list of fields).

All conditions are joined with AND syntax.

The condition operators available are:

  • IS NULL, IS NOT NULL (for all column types)
  • =, !=, LIKE, NOT LIKE (for strings)
  • Values used with LIKE are case sensitive and can be used with wildcard characters
    • e.g. exception_stacks.type LIKE Validation%
  • >, >=, <, <= (for numbers)
Order by

This field should update automatically as you update your query parameters to list allowable aggregations or fields for sorting.


Any integer between 1 and 1000 is valid.

Group selector

By default Analytics searches events across all groups that you are a member of within the organization.

Date range

You need to provide either a relative date (e.g. last 14 days) or an explicit start and end date.

This defaults to the last 14 days.

In most cases data is retained by Airlock for 90 days.

Saved queries

Any user within the organization can create, view, edit and delete the saved queries for that organization.

Save a query by clicking “save” in the sidebar. The query will be saved with an auto-generated name.

View all saved queries for the organization by navigating to the saved query tab.

List of event fields

Events have a number of built in fields as well as custom tags.

Standard fields


  • id (string)
  • (number)
  • event.type (string)
  • (number)
  • (string)
  • timestamp (datetime)
  • release (string)
  • message (string)
  • title (string)
  • location (string)
  • level (string)
  • browser (string)
  • tags_key (string)
  • tags_value (string)

User attributes

  • (string)
  • user.username (string)
  • (string)
  • user.ip (string)


  • (string)
  • os.kernel_version (string)


  • (string)
  • browser.extensions (string)


  • geo.country_code (string)
  • geo.region (string)
  • (string)


  • http.method (string)
  • http.url (string)


  • contexts.key (string)
  • contexts.value (string)

Commonly used tags

These tags are commonly used / implemented in Airlock’s SDKs

  • level (string)
  • transaction (string)
  • environment (string)
  • url (string)
  • browser (string)
  • (string)
  • browser.extensions (string)
  • os (string)
  • (string)
  • host (string)

Additionally, any custom user-defined tags can also be queried in the same way.